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About Mount Etna

Mount Etna tour is one of the most attractive European tours that will take you on a hiking trail to 3300 metre above the ground. Once you reach the summit you will marvel over the entire frozen part of Sicily and admire the unparalleled wilderness and wildlife like never before.

You will find plenty of things to do at Mount Etna such as cave exploration, mountain hiking, skiing and cable car riding. Mount Etna has vivid beauty, with a wide range of exotic wilderness such as Florida citrus groves, to the vineyards, to the fruit trees, and to the chestnut forests of beeches and pines that can be best explored on horseback riding. Explore more of the wildlife that lives here such as ox, the wild cat, the porcupine, several weasels and dormice, as well as rabbits and hares in your tour. Get ready to indulge in the tour of Europe’s best at a very reasonable cost.

Mount Etna Tour Options

Etna Trekking

There is nothing more fascinating and thrilling than a trekking excursion to Eurpe’s most talked about attraction, Mount Etna. This 4*4 board allows you to indulge in a group of adventures hiking through some steep and challenging slopes adding on to your complexity levels. As you climb up, make sure to learn about the mountain's geothermal as well as volcanic activities. The full day hike also includes a tour of the lava cave, which will be the most awe-inspiring venture for you.

Etna Tour in 4x4

Mount Etna and its extraordinary beauty makes it one of the most beautiful structures to explore in your European venture. Board a 4*4 SUV and get ready to explore the tough peaks of this active volcano site. In this fun and adventurous Mount Etna Tour you will head upto 6500 feet, which promises you unbeatable views of this massive beauty. Once you reach the top, you will be given head gears and protective covers which will help you discover the lava formations from up close.

Etna Morning Trip

An early morning Mount Etna Tour is a fascinating and mesmerising way to discover this active volcano site. The tour begins from Catania, post which you will hike up to the top via an inner trail. All through the trip, you will learn about the intriguing geothermal activities of this pristine location. Don't forget to marvel over the panoramic views from the top and take another exotic tour of the lava cave. Hike along a mountain trail up to 1200mt to spot lava flows and enter a lava cave.

Etna Horse Riding Tour 1 Day

Add more thrilling excursions to your Mount Etna Tour with a fun horse riding session. Mount Etna is considered one of the most beautiful hotspots which has a wide range of wilderness such as Florida citrus groves, to the vineyards, to the fruit trees and to the chestnut forests of beeches and pines that can be best explored on horse back riding. Explore more of the wildlife that lives here such as ox, the wild cat, the porcupine, several weasels and dormice, as well as rabbits and hares in your tour.

Etna Helicopter Tour

The Mount Etna Tour promises you unparalleled panoramic views of this pristine beauty from the top in a helicopter ride. As the fight takes you to 4000 metres above the ground, come across vivid and volcanic activities surrounded by other snow capped mountains. This is a 20 minute flying activity. As you reach the peak, you will spot the smoking Summit Craters, the ancient and more recent lava flows that will definitely amaze you. The ride can be for a family of 10 and thus is an amazing excursion everyone should try out.

Etna Cave Tour

Get a chance to indulge deeper into the exploration of these beautiful volcanic mountains by exploring the lava caves. In your Mount Etna Tour you will find three different levels of caves that one can explore. The tour also provides opes, harnesses, helmets, special suits, lighting, insurance fee. During your tour, stop at another local farm and taste delicious authentic honey and wine too. Marvel over the stalactite formation as you strive to deppers into the hideous cave formations in your Mount Etna Tour.

Why Visit Mount Etna

  • Mount Etna is one of the most beautiful European attractions located on the Eastern coast of Sicily. The fascinating mount etna Trekking is one of the most splendid activities that will definitely add on a challenging excursion for you and your families.

  • The active colonic site, has numerous underground caves, and recent and ancient lava formation that will inspire you about nature’s geothermal activities.

  • Also get a splendid chance to spot some of the most endogenous wilderness species such as ox, the wild cat, the porcupine, several weasels and dormice, as well as rabbits and hares.

Best things to Do at Mount Etna

Visit the Silvestri Craters

Whilst you are doing the mount etna Trekking you will come across two inner craters, known by the names of Silvestri craters. These two erupted in the 19th century and are safe to explore up close. You will get a chance to explore the crater on foot, and marvel over the spectacular Gulf of Catania on the horizon.

Enjoy the Cable Car Ride

A fun cable car ride provides unparalleled views of the entire Mount Etna. Get awe-inspiring coverage of the entire landscape, and the smoking Summit Craters, the ancient and more recent lava flows. The cable car ride also lets you marvel over the amusing wilderness that surrounds this tough destination.

Enjoy the Etna Adventure Park

If you are visiting Mount Etna with kids, then the etna adventure park which comes with various sports activities, and over 11 trials which is something you should not miss out on. You will find here challenging climbing walls for kids with different complexity levels, which are meant to test their strength.

Ski on Mount Etna

For thrill seekers, skiing is a super cool yet thrilling venture that lets you explore this majestic volcanic site on your own. As you ski down the rigid slopes of Mount Etna, admire the spotless white snow capped surfaces and the peak of green wilderness here and there.

Plan Your Visit

How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
Visitor's Tips

The tour timing differs as per your package. All the activities range between 2 hours to 8 hours that one can enjoy. Tours to the summit typically begin at 8:30 AM and last for 6-8 hours.

  • Bus: The only public transport that allows you to reach Etna's peak is the AST company bus. It leaves from Catania, at "piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII" (Catania central station square) and reaches the "Rifugio Sapienza", at Nicolosi, starting point of cableway and jeeps that bring you to the central craters.

  • Car: going by car, you can reach all the starting points of nature trails and excursions on Mount Etna. In the following section we list the main roads around the volcano, together with the points of interest reachable in each area.

The best time to explore Mount Etna is the months of July and August. During these months a huge part of the crowd gathers to marvel over the scenic snow capped mountains which are perfect for cave exploration and hiking. Although Mount Etna has a challenging climatic condition throughout, the months of May and late September and October feature the best climatic conditions for a hiking session. During this time, you will find a number of things to do at Mount Etna at reasonable prices.

Tips To Visit

It is highly recommended to opt for a guided Mount Etna tour if you want to hike all the way to the crater. Guides know the trail like the back of their hands and can navigate them even in bad weather, and they will also ensure your security and safety.

  • Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes as there are a lot of walking and hiking activities. Make sure to wear winter clothes if you are visiting in the later part of the year. It is smart to reach Rifugio Sapienza (the starting point) by around 8:30 in the morning.

  • While the cable car officially starts at 9 AM, the first lift sometimes begins 15 minutes earlier. If you get here on time, you’ll be able to avoid the massive crowds that generally start arriving around or after 10 AM.


Where can I buy tickets to the Mount Etna tour?

Look up for Mount Etna tickets on our official page and enjoy a number of fascinating inclusions and discounts as well.

What is the best way to buy tickets to Mount Etna?

Pre book for Mount Etna tour tickets online to enjoy a number of discounts and amazing inclusions as well.

Can I go to Mount Etna summit?

Yes, you can explore the summit with guided tour visits.

What Should I Wear on a Mount Etna Tour?

It is advised to wear good thermal wear as the summit is located at a height of 3300 metres above the ground and features extremely low temperatures. Check out & Book Top Italy Attraction Tickets: St Mark's Basilica Ticket & Castel Sant'Angelo Tickets

Is the Mount Etna tour open to visitors?

Yes, it is open to visit.


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