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About Mount Etna

Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world that has played an important role in shaping the Sicilian landscape and history. Many stories and legends have transpired from Mount Etna, making it one of the most popular landmarks in Italian history. It is the highest volcano in Italy, and its height changes with every eruption. It comprises two types of volcano; the younger stratovolcano on top and an ancient shield volcano at its base. If you have not seen a volcano erupt before, you must visit Mount Etna to witness a mesmerizing sight of nature's power and true glory.

You can go snowboarding, mountain biking, and even skiing on Mount Etna's volcanic ash slopes. If you're a wine lover, you should head to Mount Etna to enjoy the rich wine grown in the vineyards on the mountain's slopes.

Etna Season Guide


April-May (Spring) is considered the start of the tourist season as the weather starts to warm up and the snow starts melting. During both these months, there are chances of cloudy and hazy weather and mild rainfall. Weather-wise, May is considered better than April as the temperature starts soaring and the clouds become less prominent.

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June-August (Summer) is the best time to visit Mount Etna as the weather remains pleasant and there are minimal chances of cloudy days. In July and August, Mount Etna remains overcrowded, and the accommodation prices are quite high. During these months, you can climb the volcano to admire the sunsets in the evening.

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September & October (Autumn) is also the best time to visit Mount Etna as the temperature drops, and the weather becomes pleasant and comfortable. Tourism is slow during these months, so hotels are affordably priced. In October, the chances of clouds and snow are higher, so dress accordingly.

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November to March (Winter) is an ideal time to visit Mount Etna if you want to indulge in winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding. The weather is cold and the average high during this time is between 17.9°C and 15.3°C. During these months, you can encounter snowfall and chilly winds, so it's best to carry jackets and warm sweaters.

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Best Time of Day/ Avoiding Tourist Crowd

To avoid the heavy rush, it's advisable to visit Mount Etna early in the morning. Clouds mostly form later in the day, so if you arrive early, you can have a clear view of the mountain and the breathtaking surroundings. Usually, the entire summer season is extremely overcrowded at Mount Etna, so avoid visiting the attraction during these months.

You can hike up to 2900 meters of mountain without a Mount Etna guide. Arrive as early as possible at Rifugio Sapienza if you want to hike the mountain in solitude. If you prefer going by jeep or cable car, avoid visiting Mount Etna between April and October as the area remains extremely overcrowded. Regardless of the season, take the first bus to Rifugio Sapienza; otherwise, you might have to wait for hours to board a bus.

Plan Your Visit

How to Reach
Best Time to Visit

Tours to the summit usually start at around 8:30 am and last seven to eight hours. The 4x4 tour timings are 3:30 pm and 8:30 am. It is advised to visit the summit during early morning hours, when the crowd is less and you can explore more in peace.

  • By Car: Drive down to Rifugio Sapienza and park your car in the parking area. Get a ticket for a twenty-seater vehicle that will take you up to around 8,500 feet. From here, an experienced guide can take you higher, and you can also use their services to reach the summit.

  • By BusVI Aprile Sangiuliano is the closest bus station to Mount Etna, approximately one minute from the meeting point. The only public transport that allows you to reach the peak of Etna is the AST company bus. The bus leaves from Catania, at Catania central station square, and drops you at the "Rifugio Sapienza," which is the starting point of the cableway. You can also board a jeep from Rifugio Sapienza to reach the central craters.

May, Late September, and October is the best time to visit Mount Etna as the weather remains pleasant and comfortable, and the crowd is also relatively less. The accommodation prices are also not so high during these months, helping you save a significant amount on your tour. If you want to enjoy winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding, November to February is an ideal time to visit Mount Etna as the mountain is covered with snow giving you ample scope to try these activities.

Early morning (except in winter months), is also the best time to visit Mount Etna as the crowd is less and the weather is not so hazy or cloudy. This gives you a chance to trek the mountain in solitude and enjoy the breathtaking views without any obstruction.

Tip To Visit

  • Try to reach Rifugio Sapienza (the place from where the cable car starts) by around 8:30 am in the morning. The cable car usually operates at around 9 am, and the first lift sometimes starts fifteen minutes earlier. By getting here on time, you can avoid the huge rush that generally starts arriving after 10 am.
  • If you don't want to pay the fees for visiting Mount Etna, you can board a public bus that will drop you at Rifugio Sapienza. From here, you can hike to the Mountain Hut, which operates as a coffee shop and Cable Car station.
  • One of the best tips to visit mount Etna is to wear sturdy and comfortable shoes as you'll have to walk for long hours on uneven paths.
  • Opt for a guided tour of Mount Etna if you want to hike to the crater. Guides know everything about the trail and can navigate them easily, ensuring you have a safe visit.
  • Another one of the best tips to visit Mount Etna is to wear comfortable clothes like pants and sweatshirts. You should also carry a cardigan or jacket to protect yourself from the cold weather.


Where can I buy tickets for the Mount Etna tour?

You can buy tickets for the Mount Etna tour online from our website, as we provide one of the best services in online booking with instant confirmation and excellent customer service.

What is the best way to buy tickets to Mount Etna?

The best way to buy tickets to Mount Etna is online bookings. With advance booking you can skip the long queue at the ticket counter and get a direct entry at the attraction. You can also avail various deals and discounts from various ticket variants offered on our website.

Can I go to Mount Etna summit?

Yes, you can go to Mount Etna summit but only under the supervision of an experienced guide who knows everything about the trail.

What should I wear on a Mount Etna Tour?

You should wear comfortable and season-specific clothes on a Mount Etna Tour. If you're going in winter, wear a jacket or cardigan, woolen pants, and gloves. During the spring season, carry a windcheater jacket to protect yourself from the harsh winds. You should also wear sturdy and comfortable shoes that can aid you in walking for hours on rough terrains.

Is the Mount Etna tour open to visitors?

Yes, the Mount Etna tour is open to visitors all time of the year. But you need to book a ticket beforehand to undertake this tour.

What is the best time to visit Mount Etna?

May, Late September, and October is the best time to visit Mount Etna as the weather remains cool and comfortable, and the crowd is also relatively less.

How can we visit Mount Etna?

You can visit Mount Etna through tours such as full-day and half-day jeep tours, guided Mount Etna hiking tours, and cable car tours. You can also visit the place through bus and car, and hike your way upto the summit with a professional guide.

What can I see at Mount Etna?

At Mount Etna, you can see landscapes varying from barren fields to volcanic craters of lava to swatches of vineyards and woods. Since it is an active volcano, you can see the lava erupting in its full flow.

What is the most popular attractions near Mount Etna?

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